Recommended date Code Lesson name Lesson Workbook activity Parent guide Video
22 January 2022 S2.1.1 The dish of lentils - Isaac's blessing Afrikaans 61.44kb
English 75.58kb
Setswana 76.06kb
Silozi 95.84kb
Xhosa 61.42kb
Zulu 63.99kb
29 January 2022 S2.1.2 Jacob's flight and dream Afrikaans 60.08kb
English 75.13kb
Setswana 75.46kb
Silozi 113.09kb
Xhosa 59.70kb
Zulu 62.14kb
12 February 2022 S2.2.1 Jesus commences public teaching - The first disciples Afrikaans 59.82kb
English 74.09kb
Setswana 74.75kb
Silozi 92.15kb
Xhosa 60.78kb
Zulu 65.95kb
19 February 2022 S2.2.2 Jesus' first miracle Afrikaans 60.74kb
English 72.49kb
Silozi 90.84kb
Xhosa 56.64kb
Zulu 65.34kb
26 February 2022 S2.2.3 The great catch of fish Afrikaans 65.09kb
English 74.26kb
Setswana 74.11kb
Silozi 81.80kb
Xhosa 66.12kb
Zulu 67.76kb
12 March 2022 S2.3.1 Our Father (1) Afrikaans 61.45kb
English 72.93kb
Silozi 94.87kb
Xhosa 61.79kb
Zulu 65.75kb
24 April 2022 S2.3.2 Our Father (2) Afrikaans 59.85kb
English 72.62kb
Setswana 73.35kb
Silozi 94.24kb
Xhosa 56.90kb
Zulu 59.37kb
1 May 2022 S2.3.3 The parable of the praying widow Afrikaans 62.61kb
English 71.02kb
Setswana 71.94kb
Silozi 92.37kb
Xhosa 62.54kb
Zulu 66.94kb
8 May 2022 S2.3.4 Jesus teaches us to pray Afrikaans 59.93kb
English 74.88kb
Setswana 75.23kb
Silozi 97.05kb
Xhosa 65.48kb
Zulu 68.25kb
15 May 2022 S2.4.1 True helpfulness English 369.19kb
Xhosa 65.03kb
Zulu 61.34kb
Afrikaans 62.39kb
Setswana 78.87kb
Silozi 92.12kb
22 May 2022 S2.4.2 The parable of the talents Afrikaans 57.59kb
English 404.95kb
Xhosa 63.51kb
Zulu 61.55kb
Silozi 73.96kb
12 June 2022 S2.5.2 The parable of the lost sheep Afrikaans 65.29kb
English 77.29kb
Xhosa 63.52kb
Silozi 79.26kb
Zulu 61.07kb
19 June 2022 S2.5.3 Jesus heals a paralyzed man Afrikaans 58.72kb
English 72.41kb
Setswana 67.05kb
Silozi 69.01kb
Xhosa 63.74kb
Zulu 55.08kb
24 July 2022 S2.5.4 Jesus loves us Afrikaans 53.59kb
English 76.16kb
Silozi 72.68kb
Xhosa 60.28kb
Zulu 61.36kb
31 July 2022 S2.7.3 Apostle Peter is commissioned to feed the lambs and sheep of Christ Afrikaans 56.52kb
English 78.49kb
Setswana 104.18kb
Silozi 76.61kb
Xhosa 61.96kb
Zulu 61.62kb
7 August 2022 S2.7.4 Our Chief Apostle Afrikaans 55.95kb
English 76.13kb
Silozi 72.94kb
Xhosa 59.47kb
Zulu 62.22kb
21 August 2022 S2.6.2 Jesus speaks of His return Afrikaans 55.05kb
English 76.75kb
Setswana 69.66kb
Silozi 73.07kb
Xhosa 58.25kb
Zulu 58.20kb
28 August 2022 S2.6.3 We are looking forward to the first resurrection SS 2 S2 56.38kb
SS 2 S2 77.91kb
SS 2 S2 70.12kb
SS 2 S2 84.54kb
SS 2 S2 57.94kb
SS 2 S2 60.82kb
11 September 2022 S2.4.3 The widow's mite Afrikaans 54.77kb
English 76.60kb
Silozi 72.67kb
Xhosa 57.99kb
Zulu 59.42kb
18 September 2022 S2.4.4 Children also offer Afrikaans 60.78kb
English 76.39kb
Setswana 77.00kb
Silozi 81.28kb
Xhoza 60.35kb
Zulu 63.00kb
25 September 2022 S2.8.1 Apostle Peter in prison Afrikaans 54.53kb
English 74.08kb
Setswana 67.51kb
Silozi 74.70kb
Xhosa 57.35kb
Zulu 59.29kb
9 October 2022 S2.8.3 What apostles do (1) Afrikaans 54.61kb
SS 2 S2 76.73kb
Setswana 69.27kb
Silozi 74.17kb
Xhosa 58.12kb
Zulu 58.28kb
16 October 2022 S2.8.4 What apostles do (2) Afrikaans 61.28kb
English 67.90kb
Silozi 107.12kb
Xhosa 58.64kb
Zulu 60.92kb
23 October 2022 S2.9.1 The birth of John the Baptist - Mary and Elizabeth Afrikaans 61.67kb
English 68.51kb
Setswana 69.50kb
Silozi 85.41kb
Xhosa 58.88kb
Zulu 60.75kb
12 November 2022 S2.9.3 The angels' message to the shepherds Afrikaans 60.66kb
English 74.86kb
Silozi 92.85kb
Xhosa 60.08kb
Zulu 63.89kb
19 November 2022 S2.9.2 The birth of Jesus Christ Afrikaans 59.98kb
English 75.02kb
Silozi 91.99kb
Xhosa 59.67kb
Zulu 65.23kb