Young People

The New Apostolic Church places a high priority on engaging and caring for young people. While our young people should feel included in lively congregational activities, they also need to be provided with various additional options which suit this particular phase in their lives.  

Through activities such as services, congregational and inter-congregational gatherings, as well as recreational events, the young people are given the opportunity to exercise their youthful energy in constructive ways.

Particularly important to the church is that at the core of the care of young people that there is a personal relationship between each young person and the ministers tasked to care for them.

In the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa District the activities have since 2017 been governed by the concept Young People in Christ. The term young people includes the tradition youth, young married couples as well as unmarried fathers and mothers up to the age of 35.

The vision of the concept is broadly to encourage a joy in participating in arranged activities, to nurture and grow the understanding of Christ's doctrine, and to develop a respect for others and the desire to serve. The motto that goes with the concept is, In Him we live and move. 

Young people who are looking for a fun group, where they can have wonderful experiences, make new friends and find peace, love, joy and faith, are welcome to attend the variety of activities designed especially for them.