For the first time ever, a systematic description of the New Apostolic doctrine has been developed.

Naturally there have already been other works describing significant elements of the New Apostolic faith, for example the book Questions and Answers concerning the New Apostolic Faith, which was last revised in 1992. Nevertheless there have been increasing calls for a more comprehensive description of our doctrine. The New Apostolic Church is active in many countries of varying cultural backgrounds, which makes a uniform foundational work such as this necessary in order to reinforce doctrinal unity despite all other differences.

I am pleased to make this Catechism–the creation of which was initiated by my predecessor in ministry, Chief Apostle Fehr–available to all brothers and sisters in time for the 150-year anniversary of the New Apostolic Church. It would make me happy if this work were also to be met with interest by believers of other churches. I warmly invite all to acquaint themselves with the content of the Catechism.

This book brings to expression fundamental convictions common to all Christians, but also sets forth the special features of the New Apostolic faith. The Catechism has been written in faith for people of faith. It must be emphasised that in all differences of interpretation, the New Apostolic Church holds great respect for the doctrinal statements of other churches.

The Catechism is a fundamental reference work. It is a standard for New Apostolic faith life. Certainly this book will not answer all questions in detail. It provides a great deal of opportunity for dialogue and discussion about timely issues.

A work group comprised primarily of District Apostles and Apostles has created this reference work. This project has been accompanied by the assembly of all District Apostles of the world at important steps along the way. The present text has been completed in close consultation with me.

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all involved and express my appreciation and gratitude for all the work they have done. May this work be used in blessing and provide orientation in faith!

Wilhelm Leber

Zurich, March 2012

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