Historical background

The NAC Burial Fund was established in 1933 by Apostle HF Schlaphoff. The Church donated 100 pounds to get the Fund started and at the time the monthly premiums were one shilling and sixpence per family policy.

In 1962 the Fund was provisionally registered under the Friendly Societies Act and in 1971 it was fully registered with District Apostle Gut as chairman and Bishop De Vries as secretary, treasurer and principal officer.

As the membership grew it became necessary to computerise all relevant data and to modify the way in which the Fund was run administratively and financially. After more than 80 years of being in existence the NAC Burial Fund prides itself in having stayed true to its mission:


The NAC Burial Fund is committed to providing its members with a dignified funeral benefit at an affordable premium.

For claims and value-added benefits, dial 0860 555 992.

(Please ensure you have your member number available)

Deceased Notification Form

Complete the form below to notify us of the death of the member and who the new policy-holder will be:

Meetings for Subscribers and interested parties

Click the link for the latest presentation to all subscribers or download the PowerPoint presentation below:

New Apostolic Church Burial Fund South Africa