Ministering to children

The religious upbringing of children is the responsibility of their parents and is associated with the promise that is made at the time of the child’s baptism. Parents have the task of guiding their children in self-responsible conduct in accordance with the basic values of the gospel. This includes teaching them to love God and their neighbour. Parents are also required to be examples to their children in prayer life and in faithful offering.

The ministers and Sunday School teachers are there to support parents in this responsibility, so that the children can grow up as convinced New Apostolic Christians. Sunday school tuition forms an integral part of the spiritual care of the children and these lessons generally take place after the Sunday morning divine service.

The tuition ranges from Pre-Sunday School all the way through to Confirmation:

Pre-Sunday School (1 year)               -           Seeing I am Jesus’ lamb

Sunday school (4 years)                     -           Come, Lord Jesus

Religious Instruction (2 years)            -           God’s ways

Confirmation (2 years)                        -           I also want to

The lessons in each syllabus have been expertly designed to meet the needs of the developmental stage of the children and are scripturally based with a contemporary application so that the children are able to experience their faith.

Teachers ensure that in addition to the formal Sunday school lessons, a wide variety of informal activities such as outings are undertaken. During these activities the children strengthen the child/teacher relationship and the fellowship with their peers.

The foundation for future musical development is also laid into the children as all children are exposed to choir singing in Sunday school, and are also encouraged to learn to play the recorder. Further progression to the playing of an orchestral instrument is thereby promoted. Children's choirs sing in divine services and on various other occasions.


Recorder Lessons