Recommended date Code Lesson name Lesson Workbook activity Parent guide Video
12 June 2022 R1.15 Priestly service - tabernacle of meeting Afrikaans 67.54kb
English 88.36kb
Setswana 86.77kb
Silozi 96.56kb
Xhosa 67.45kb
Zulu 64.53kb
19 June 2022 R1.16 Lack of trust in God - Forty years in the desert Afrikaans 64.54kb
English 81.03kb
Silozi 101.72kb
Xhosa 64.57kb
Zulu 69.59kb
Setswana 82.97kb
24 July 2022 R1.17 Fulfilment of the promise - Taking possession of Canaan Afrikaans 68.76kb
English 85.70kb
Silozi 107.43kb
Xhosa 67.96kb
Zulu 65.37kb
31 July 2022 R1.18 Divine help - The judges and Israel's first king Afrikaans 79.57kb
English 85.40kb
Setswana 87.95kb
Silozi 109.24kb
Xhosa 62.59kb
Zulu 66.95kb
7 August 2022 R1.19 Trust - David Afrikaans 62.78kb
English 62.49kb
Silozi 92.38kb
Xhosa 62.08kb
Zulu 63.20kb
21 August 2022 R1.20 Godly wisdom - Solomon Afrikaans 84.43kb
English 115.78kb
Setswana 112.28kb
Silozi 130.28kb
Xhosa 85.09kb
Zulu 86.10kb
28 August 2022 R1.21 Development of the people of Israel to the time of Solomon Afrikaans 67.36kb
English 90.08kb
Setswana 103.28kb
Silozi 102.12kb
Xhosa 66.55kb
Zulu 71.27kb
11 September 2022 R1.22 Zeal born out of faith - Elijah Afrikaans 73.77kb
English 99.61kb
Setswana 110.21kb
Silozi 112.19kb
Xhosa 69.36kb
Zulu 79.58kb
18 September 2022 R1.23 Godly miracles - Elisha Afrikaans 70.77kb
English 94.42kb
Setswana 106.50kb
Silozi 117.99kb
Xhosa 71.82kb
Zulu 76.85kb
25 September 2022 R1.24 Messengers of God - Prophets (1) Afrikaans 70.94kb
English 92.14kb
Setswana 106.14kb
Silozi 118.36kb
Xhosa 68.25kb
Zulu 69.31kb
9 October 2022 R1.25 Messengers of God - Prophets (2) Afrikaans 70.92kb
English 72.72kb
Silozi 96.27kb
Xhosa 64.96kb
Zulu 71.90kb
16 October 2022 R1.26 Devoutness - Daniel Afrikaans 67.93kb
English 78.86kb
Setswana 92.12kb
Silozi 104.89kb
Xhosa 65.47kb
Zulu 66.89kb
23 October 2022 R1.28 The Bible Afrikaans 77.11kb
English 71.48kb
Silozi 104.08kb
Xhosa 66.26kb
Zulu 80.28kb
12 November 2022 R1.31 Faith - Mary and the angel Afrikaans 69.47kb
English 95.73kb
Setswana 110.13kb
Xhosa 70.64kb
Zulu 80.94kb
19 November 2022 R1.32 Joy - Jesus is born Afrikaans 71.41kb
English 72.30kb
Silozi 97.13kb
Xhosa 72.44kb
Zulu 72.89kb