Recommended date Code Lesson name Lesson Workbook activity Parent guide Video
12 June 2022 R2.8 Jesus advises to strive first for the kingdom of God English 84.80kb
Xhosa 61.17kb
Zulu 62.47kb
Afrikaans 56.84kb
Setswana 77.79kb
Silozi 76.69kb
19 June 2022 R2.12 Jesus the Good Shepherd Afrikaans 69.53kb
English 78.50kb
Setswana 81.92kb
Silozi 88.24kb
Xhosa 64.36kb
Zulu 69.54kb
24 July 2022 R2.13 Jesus teaches compassion and mercy Afrikaans 67.57kb
English 80.60kb
Silozi 108.44kb
Xhosa 67.09kb
Zulu 76.66kb
31 July 2022 R2.14 Jesus speaks about helping along Afrikaans 59.51kb
English 89.52kb
Setswana 81.14kb
Silozi 118.44kb
Xhosa 62.36kb
Zulu 63.67kb
7 August 2022 R2.15 Jesus counsels us to be watchful while anticipating His coming Afrikaans 69.72kb
English 79.11kb
Silozi 107.79kb
Xhosa 67.54kb
Zulu 73.83kb
21 August 2022 R2.19 Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane Afrikaans 72.30kb
English 99.05kb
Setswana 89.19kb
Silozi 114.78kb
Xhosa 66.57kb
Zulu 68.64kb
28 August 2022 R2.17 Jesus celebrates Holy Communion Afrikaans 64.35kb
English 95.49kb
Setswana 99.44kb
Silozi 101.87kb
Xhosa 67.29kb
Zulu 70.96kb
11 September 2022 R2.21 The sacrifice of Jesus Afrikaans 64.70kb
English 79.87kb
Setswana 81.47kb
Silozi 100.65kb
Xhosa 65.12kb
Zulu 69.09kb
18 September 2022 R2.6 Jesus speaks about a good heart's disposition Afrikaans 84.17kb
English 92.32kb
Setswana 100.09kb
Silozi 106.89kb
Xhosa 67.21kb
Zulu 67.09kb
25 September 2022 R2.9 Encounters with Jesus can bring about a change of heart Afrikaans 68.89kb
English 73.88kb
Setswana 79.99kb
Silozi 89.45kb
Xhosa 71.32kb
Zulu 71.00kb
9 October 2022 R2.27 The ministries in the Church of Christ Afrikaans 69.06kb
English 71.10kb
Setswana 76.93kb
Silozi 87.21kb
Xhosa 67.60kb
Zulu 68.75kb
16 October 2022 R2.11 Jesus raises the dead Afrikaans 66.54kb
English 69.04kb
Setswana 81.03kb
Silozi 111.10kb
Xhosa 67.66kb
Zulu 68.38kb
23 October 2022 R2.30 The Apostles of Jesus Christ Afrikaans 67.08kb
English 73.82kb
Silozi 112.23kb
Xhosa 68.55kb
Zulu 70.00kb
12 November 2022 R2.26 The Sacraments Afrikaans 67.58kb
English 96.56kb
Setswana 108.35kb
Silozi 136.95kb
Xhosa 75.46kb
Zulu 77.42kb
19 November 2022 R2.35 Christ and His congregation Afrikaans 70.38kb
English 72.74kb
Xhosa 73.89kb
Zulu 73.28kb