Recommended date Code Lesson name Lesson Workbook activity Parent guide Video
12 June 2022 Pg 78 Jesus heals the ten lepers NA AFRIKAANS 56.96kb
ENGLISH 72.83kb
SETSWANA 73.05kb
SILOZI 87.18kb
XHOSA 61.59kb
ZULU 58.29kb
19 June 2022 Pg 146 Sharing - The Prodigal Son NA AFRIKAANS 54.25kb
ENGLISH 55.01kb
SETSWANA 54.34kb
SILOZI 73.33kb
XHOSA 56.54kb
ZULU 56.87kb
24 July 2022 Pg 162 To Seek and to Find NA AFRIKAANS 52.23kb
ENGLISH 69.14kb
SETSWANA 69.92kb
SILOZI 87.81kb
XHOSA 59.33kb
ZULU 60.38kb
31 July 2022 Pg 126 Prayer - How we should pray NA AFRIKAANS 47.08kb
ENGLISH 55.05kb
SILOZI 74.65kb
XHOSA 54.55kb
ZULU 55.25kb
7 August 2022 Pg 140 Helping NA AFRIKAANS 51.69kb
ENGLISH 68.05kb
SETSWANA 66.90kb
SILOZI 87.42kb
XHOSA 59.17kb
ZULU 59.35kb
21 August 2022 Pg 154 Obeying NA AFRIKAANS 54.04kb
ENGLISH 69.81kb
SETSWANA 70.51kb
SILOZI 88.16kb
XHOSA 60.28kb
ZULU 58.69kb
28 August 2022 Pg 168 To be secure NA AFRIKAANS 49.28kb
ENGLISH 66.48kb
SETSWANA 68.33kb
SILOZI 79.13kb
XHOSA 57.07kb
ZULU 57.56kb
11 September 2022 Pg 106 To Love NA AFRIKAANS 56.03kb
ENGLISH 76.59kb
SILOZI 93.25kb
XHOSA 55.44kb
ZULU 57.19kb
18 September 2022 Pg 124 To be a Child of God - My Priest pays me a visit NA AFRIKAANS 57.01kb
ENGLISH 74.59kb
SETSWANA 76.72kb
SILOZI 93.74kb
XHOSA 60.05kb
ZULU 62.35kb
25 September 2022 Pg 134 Thanks and Offering NA AFRIKAANS 56.22kb
ENGLISH 74.43kb
SETSWANA 75.48kb
SILOZI 91.71kb
XHOSA 57.29kb
ZULU 57.65kb
9 October 2022 Pg 158 To be Different NA AFRIKAANS 56.68kb
ENGLISH 75.87kb
SETSWANA 76.25kb
SILOZI 94.58kb
XHOSA 60.28kb
ZULU 59.44kb
23 October 2022 Pg 62 The Message of Angel Gabriel to Mary NA AFRIKAANS 55.70kb
ENGLISH 76.60kb
SETSWANA 76.06kb
SILOZI 94.33kb
XHOSA 58.44kb
ZULU 59.18kb
12 November 2022 Pg 64 The Birth of Christ NA AFRIKAANS 56.56kb
ENGLISH 76.92kb
SETSWANA 77.06kb
SILOZI 96.24kb
XHOSA 59.19kb
ZULU 59.17kb
19 November 2022 Pg 66 The Wise Men from the East NA AFRIKAANS 55.88kb
ENGLISH 77.90kb
SILOZI 90.02kb
XHOSA 58.26kb
ZULU 59.44kb